How to Create a Level

Slide Tilt Roll includes a level editor so you may create your own levels. After successfully testing a level, you will be given the opportunity to submit the level for possible inclusion in a future update to Slide Tilt Roll

Touch the + icon in the navigation bar to create a new level

Touch the entry for an existing level to edit the level

Touch and Hold the entry for an existing level to copy the level, delete the level or edit the level labels

Enter the top and bottom labels using the pop-up keyboard. These labels will be shown below your level when playing. The labels may be changed unless the level has been submitted.

After entering the labels, select the size of the level to open the level editor.

To create a level touch a block in the (scrollable) list at the bottom of the screen to select it. (Selected block will be outlined in green, as shown.) then touch a square in the level display to place the block. (Not drag and drop, sorry.)

Once a level has both a start (green) and finish (checked) blocks, Test will be shown in the navigation bar. Otherwise Help will be shown.

Touching Test will change to the Play Level screen, allowing the level to be tested.

Each level may only include one start and one finish block.

The black block (first block in the list, shown selected) may be used to delete blocks.